The easiest and most practical way to prepare AUTHENTIC ITALIAN GELATO in 4 simple steps


The principal characteristic of our ready-to-churn liquid bases is the simplicity of their use, they are instantly ready to churn: all you do is open the bag in box, pour the liquid into the batch freezer and achieve the desired flavor by adding the flavors and pastes of your choice.

Our ready-to-churn liquid bases are made with the most recent production process and create a clearly superior quality gelato. The taste and texture is clearly better than those made from powdered mixes. The combination of modern technology and Gelatte's recipes created by our industry professionals allow you to offer top-quality gelato to your customers.

Thanks to these perfectly balanced liquid bases and our finely tuned recipes you can produce an authentic gelato far superior to those made with powdered, unpasteurized mixes and at the same time save time and the associated costs of pasteurizing.


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